Sunday, November 30, 2008

Book Review: The Voice by Bill Myers

Book ReviewI have enjoyed several of Bill Myers' books -- including Eli, The Wager, and others -- and have just finished a quick read of one of his latest (out in April 2008), The Voice.

Imagine if the very voice of God could be extracted from artifacts from Biblical times -- from rocks gathered where God is said to have spoken to Moses, or the river where Jesus was baptized by John -- and those words were made audible again through modern computer technology. What could we prove (or disprove) by recording the very Voice of God? What power might we find in the Voice of the Creator? By harnessing the Voice that spoke all things into being, might we also be able to harness the very power to create? Even to destroy? And what if that Voice -- that power -- fell into the wrong hands?

Myers explores many of these ideas in The Voice, as Muslims, Jews, and Christians all pursue the power to harness the Voice of God -- the very power of God -- each for their own selfish reasons. Would the Voice of God prove that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, but also God in the flesh? Would it prove that God did indeed speak to Moses? Or just the opposite? How would this affect three religions who worship the same God but have very different opinions of His Son?

The Voice started and ended as a very compelling read -- I read it cover to cover in my free time over just four days -- but there were times in the middle of the book when I felt that the story was on a fast train to nowhere. Though I enjoyed the book quite a bit, I had much higher expectations from the author of Eli and The Wager.

The Voice is not on par with those other two inspired and inspiring works, but that's like saying that a successful Space Shuttle launch isn't on par with landing on the moon. Though one is a significantly greater achievement, both are still remarkable in their own right.

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