Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Book Review: The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck

Book ReviewGlenn Beck has penned an unbelievable Christmas Story in The Christmas Sweater. If you've seen the Conservative TV/Radio talk show host, or read any of his prior non-fiction works, you will likely find yourself surprised at this warm, heartfelt tale of Christmas.

Little twelve-year-old Eddie wanted nothing for Christmas but a bicycle. All of his friends had a bicycle, and Eddie had not only been very good all year long, deserving a bicycle, he had actually prayed to God asking for the bicycle, bargaining with the Man upstairs.

Three years ago, Eddie's life changed, when his father lost his battle with cancer. Christmas -- Eddie's entire life, really -- has not been the same since. And a brand new shiny bicycle was the only thing that would make Eddie feel better this Christmas.

But money was tight, and Eddie's mom worked four jobs to try to make ends meet. It would take a miracle for Eddie to get the bicycle for Christmas, but after all, he had bargained with God -- a miracle wasn't out of the question.

Based on "a deeply personal true story," Beck guides us on a journey with a valuable lesson. You won't be able to put The Christmas Sweater down -- I read it in three days. It is the Christmas story that everyone should read. But really, why wait until Christmas -- the message is one that transcends time and holidays.

One of the absolute best books I've read in quite some time, Glenn Beck's The Christmas Sweater will be a classic before it's time.

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