Monday, July 6, 2009

Book Review: 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs by Stephen Elkins Ill. by Tim O'Connor

Book ReviewLooking for a good children's book of Bible stories can be quite a task. From books that shoot over the head of small children to over-simplified, dumbed-down story books that stray so far from Biblical fact as to be more fiction than anything, it can be much easier to find worthless story books than to find children's books that are actually based in Biblical fact.

100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs is one of the very few children's Bible story books I have found to actually present God's Word in such a way that my children understand and enjoy it, but actually receive the message that God intended when He first inspired His divine Word. 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs presents the favorite stories of my own childhood in a way that my five and three year old children can enjoy and understand while at the same time recognizing that they're learning about God, and developing their own Bible story favorites.

The beautiful, full-color graphic illustrations make the characters come alive on the page with kid-friendly images that help to grab the attention of even the youngest children, who learn to match the words of the story with the images of the picture to get the full impact of God's Word. The included two CD set of children's Bible songs is a highlight that makes 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs a well-rounded, interactive experience for my children, who love to dance and sing-along to what are quickly becoming their favorite songs.

100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs is one of the best children's Bible story books I've ever shared with my children, opening up the door for meaningful nightly devotions with my children that help to bring them closer to an understanding of Word of God.

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