Thursday, August 24, 2006

Book Review: The Copper Scroll by Joel C. Rosenberg

Book Review
Since nobody knows when Jesus is going to return -- Jesus said even He didn't know; He said only His Father knew -- that would mean that Satan doesn't know either. Which means Satan has always had to be prepared for any eventuality. That means that for almost two thousand years, he's had to have at least one Antichrist on the earth, in position, ready to go, in every generation since the Resurrection. Which is why there have been so many evil dictators throughout history. So there has to be someone out there, right now, walking around the planet at this very minute. Waiting. Preparing. Plotting. It could be somebody you know.
Joel C. Rosenberg's newest tale, The Copper Scroll, takes an unexpected turn. Part four of the series that began with The Last Jihad, and continued in both The Last Days and The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll takes us back to the Middle East with Jon and Erin Bennett, as they try to uncover the mystery of the murder of a dear friend and former Mossad Chier as well as the mystery of the Copper Scroll.

Will they find the Key Scroll? Will the Key Scroll unlock the cryptic clues laid out in the Copper Scroll? Will it lead them to untold treasures from the first and second temple? Will it lead them to something even more fascinating? Or will it lead them to death?

Though not as compelling a read as it's three predecessors, The Copper Scroll is a must read for every fan of end times fiction or political thrillers. Rosenberg, a former advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu, among others, knows his stuff. He knows politics. He knows the Bible. He knows the Middle East. He weaves a talk unlike any you've imagined.

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