Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Support Your Local Blogger

Do you enjoy reading the rants, etc., you find on Average Joe American? Did you know that you can show your support in a monetary way that won't cost you one red cent? Average Joe has partnered with as an Associate site. Many (and soon all) of the product links you see on Average Joe American will link you directly to a page at Amazon where you can purchase the item. There is no extra cost to you whatsoever, and a small portion of each purchase you make through these links (and the search box above) will go to support Average Joe American.

In addition, Average Joe has also become a partner of Google AdSense. At the top of every page, just above the most recent post, you will see unobtrusive content-related ads. If you like something you see, support the site by clicking the ad.

In both cases, none of your personal information is ever provided to Average Joe or anyone else that you don't personally provide it to.

I have long resisted placing advertising on the site for several reasons:
1) I don't want Average Joe American to become one of those sites so heavily laden with advertising that you can barely find the actual content.
2) I don't want to appear that my posting is influenced in any way by the advertisers.
3) I hate pop up windows!
The two methods of advertising are therfore perfect for Average Joe American. There will be no pop up windows. The ads are very unobtrusive (you almost can't even tell they're there). And the ads will only be those that I've chosen because I've used and reviewed the item, or because they are related to the content I have already posted on the site. Never will an advertisement be chosen before a post is written, and never will an advertisement influence a post.

So please, if you're shopping online at, let Average Joe American be your shopping portal. Stop here first, enter the item you're looking for in the Amazon search box, and shop away. Let the big guys like Google and Amazon support the little guys like Average Joe.

Thanks for your support!


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