Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Daily Gripe #20 - The Crown is Down

This week it was announced that the observation deck in the crown of the Statue of Liberty has been closed permanently. Since 9/11, visitors to Lady Liberty have been denied access to the crown's observation deck, but it was believed that this attraction would some day be restored. Now it's official: thanks to radical islamic extremists (and I did not capitalize the letter I in "islam" because I believe these extremists are not practicing the religion, but rather exploiting it) -- thanks to radical islamic extremists who believe the only way they can get to Heaven (or their version of it) is by martyring themselves by murdering Americans, my children will never see the world from the crown of the great symbol of Freedom.

Forevermore, the highest a tourist can go in the Statue of Liberty is the feet! That really gripes me! This great country called America stands for something, and that statue is a symbol of what we stand for, and allowing these, the lowliest of the Human race, to alter such an integral part of our history, is a travesty!

I understand some things have to be sacrificed in the name of safety. But at what point does the sacrifice become greater than the benefit? At some point we must sacrifice safety for principle. At some point we must sacrifice security to stand together as the Great Nation that we are and show these islamic extremists -- THE TRUE INFIDELS -- that they have no impact on our lives and our way of life unless we allow them to have an impact.

As Patrick Henry said on March 23, 1775,
"Give me Liberty or give me death!"
I say, don't take away Lady Liberty!


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