Wednesday, August 9, 2006

No Gripes Today

Would you believe I don't have anything to gripe about today? Just a few thoughts and notes, but no real gripes.

This morning I drove to work at the same time as usual: "Oh Dark Thirty," as we said in the Army. And it rained. And I drove to work in the rain. I drove to work in the rain this morning for the first time since my accident (in the rain) one week ago yesterday. And I did it in the dark. It was kind of an eerie feeling, really. I was driving my wife's car, which is an SUV, bigger, boxier, and poorer handling than the Ford Focus I slid off the road in last week. Signs haunted me for most of my drive, at least until the sun started to peek over the horizon and shed a little light over the road that lay before me. Sharp turn signs. Icy bridge signs (luckily not a threat in Indiana in August). Deer Crossing signs (always a threat in Indiana). I must say it was probably the most cautious I've been making this drive over the past two years. It's funny what a little shake-up will do to you. Maybe I've learned my lesson. Though I've been thinking about the cause of the accident, and I think it was less a result of my speed and the road conditions and more a result of the condition of the back tires on my car. I had brand new tires on the front of the car, and have been in need of new tires on the rear, as well. I intended to get new rear tires before winter. I guess I didn't think I'd encounter any treacherously slick roads over the summer. Again, I learned my lesson.

Things will hopefully be back to normal soon. I hope to have a new car soon, so my wife won't be stranded at home anymore and I won't be paying $25 a day to put gas in her SUV just to get to work and back. It'll be nice to be back to normal.


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