Thursday, November 5, 2009

Book Review: Merciless by Robin Parrish

Book ReviewIn book three of his Dominion trilogy, Merciless, author Robin Parrish wraps up an incredible saga of good versus evil.

When Noah and his family emerged from the ark after the Great Flood, God made him a promise [Genesis 8:30-22], and a sign to remember that promise by [Genesis 9:8-17]. The sign was a rainbow, and the promise was that God would never again destroy all living things, as he had done with the Great Flood.

In Merciless, we finally learn the entire premise behind the Dominion trilogy.

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * *

Imagine if a line of descendants from Cain, the first murderer, existed today in a secret society -- a society with one purpose and one goal: to pick up where God had left off; to free God of his promise made to Noah; to allow God the opportunity to start over again with the human race by taking matters into their own hands and destroying all life on Earth.

The Secretum of Six is just such a society, and they have manufactured and manipulated false prophecy to support their belief that God needs a second chance at the human race. Through the use of three-hundred special rings, including the great Seal of Dominion, the Secretum of Six has called forth the Angel of Death to unleash havoc and destruction upon the Earth. It is up to the wearers of those rings to put a stop to this secret society and restore life as we know it to our planet.

* * * END OF SPOILERS * * *

Author Robin Parrish delivers a thought-provoking tale of "what if" with his Dominion trilogy, coming on strong in book one, laying a solid foundation in book two, and closing with a bang in book three.

If you enjoy mystery, suspense, and intrigue, you cannot be disappointed with the Dominion trilogy.

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