Sunday, November 8, 2009

David Crowder Band (part 2)

David Crowder BandHere's another video clip from last Thursday's David Crowder Band concert in Indianapolis. The concert was part of his Church Music tour. I haven't written a full post about the concert yet, and have several more videos to share from it, so I'll share some opening comments here, and expand in future updates.

First, the concert was held at East 91st Street Christian Church. Having concerts in churches is a common occurrence for Contemporary Christian Music Bands, and this isn't the first concert we've been to in a church. Although this was the first concert we attended at E91 (as the church is known by it's members), it was not the first event we attended there, as we were regular Sunday attenders there until recently. Based upon our experience there every Sunday, we were pretty optimistic about the church as a concert venue.

Boy, were we disappointed! We got there fifteen minutes before the doors opened (which was an hour before the concert began) and there were several huge lines waiting to get in, including a line for "early access" ticket holders. The concert was sold as general admission, and the early access people had the entire front of the auditorium packed before regular ticket holders were allowed entry -- including standing in the area in front of the stage and down the aisles. There was not a good seat to be had in the house.

The opening bands were Seabird from Lexington, Kentucky, and Danyew from San Diego. I'd like to say they were good bands, but there were two problems: both bands sat so low on the stage that we could not see them at all, literally; and we could not hear them well enough to understand the words. While the opening bands played, it seemed nearly everyone around us was either sitting and engaging in idle conversation or milling about, seemingly oblivious to the concert going on around them.

One hour into the concert and my wife and I were both ready to leave if things didn't improve drastically when David Crowder took the stage.

...To Be Continued.
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