Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Book Review: The Real America by Glenn Beck

Book ReviewI haven't yet reviewed a nonfiction book here. Most of the books I read are fiction, and most of those are Christian fiction. Too much nonfiction tends to become either outdated or historical if you don't read it as a new release, and much of what's left is just preachy. From time to time, however, I'll stumble across a book that breaks that mold.

Glenn Beck, nationally syndicated radio personality and host of The Glenn Beck Show on CNN Headline News published a book in 2003 that is still timely today: The Real America.

First, an introduction to Glenn Beck. This is how I see Glenn Beck. I don't know if he would approve of my introduction or not.

Glenn Beck is, above all else, a Conservative (with a capital C). He doesn't come across as entirely Republican. He voices his support for President Bush, not because of party affiliation, but because they share Conservative values. He believes the war should be won, not ended. He strongly opposes illegal immigration.

There's so much that could be said of Glenn Beck, but that's enough for you to know where he comes from.

In The real America, Beck treats us to his unique commentary on life in America. From political correctness to religion (he's a reluctant Mormon), to business, Beck tells it like it is with little or no concern for what anyone else thinks about what he says.

If you're a Republican, or just a non-party Conservative, you'll love Beck's work. If you're a Liberal or Democrat, you'll love to hate him. If you're a Centrist, maybe you can laugh a little at everyone.


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