Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Daily Gripe #36 - Time Travel

Not travel THROUGH time, but the travel OF time. It's just too slow! Time files when you're having fun. We all know that. But what happens when you're looking FORWARD to something? Something a few days away, for example. Like vacation. Then time seems to come to a screeching halt! Or even move BACKWARDS for that matter.

Friday I begin a short (six-day) vacation. What does that mean? Naturally, it means that the past two days have lasted a week, and the next two days will last a month! And when Friday finally arrives and I get an opportunity to settle down and enjoy some time off with my family, the week that follows will be over in an hour. Doesn't that gripe you? It gripes the heck out of me.

After working fifty-hour weeks and driving twenty hours a week for the past fifty weeks, you'd think a person could enjoy a little time off without feeling like he's counting down the days to his pending execution like notches on the wall of a death row cell.

We won't be doing any major traveling. Just taking a few day trips, spending some family time together, and (knowing my wife) getting some things done around the house (but that's a gripe for another day).

Speaking of time, maybe I should stop calling this the DAILY Gripe, since it hasn't been a regular daily posting for quite some time.


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