Monday, October 23, 2006

The Daily Gripe #40 - Restore & Renew

My full system restore is coming along slowly, for several reasons:
  1. While trying to back up some critical data to CD, the system locked up. Instead, I had to manually move the data to another hard drive;
  2. The Restore Disk that came with our computer is corrupted, yielding several Abort/Retry/Ignore errors. Even after completion, several required files were missing. I had to get a new Windows disk to reinstall;
  3. After reinstalling Windows, I had to manually delete several Composite USB drivers before installing drivers for my Broadband modem;
  4. I can't seem to locate drivers for a couple of my peripherals;
  5. To maintain my profiles in Firefox and the Mozilla browser my wife uses, as well as Thunderbird, my email client, I had to copy several directories before reinstalling Windows, then paste them back after reinstalling the software;
  6. To install the driver for my broadband (cable) modem, I had to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the install guide. Version 6.0 is included on the driver disk, but Internet Explorer 5.0+ is required to use Adobe Reader 6.0. I don't use Internet Explorer at all and have no desire to install an upgraded version of the junk on my computer. So I installed Adobe Reader version 3.0 from another disc, but it wouldn't read the files due to newer features in use. So I searched my discs and found a copy of version 5.5 that works fine;
  7. On top of all of that, I had to leave for work early this morning, so I ran out of time to work on it last night;
  8. I have a movie I want to watch with my son tonight, so I won't get anything done on it after work;
  9. My son has basketball after I get off work tomorrow, so I won't get much done on it then;
  10. I may be taking the air bags out of my wrecked Focus on Wednesday to sell them to someone, and mowing the lawn, and getting the hallway ready to repaint... .
The list goes on and on. But I got enough done to cover the essentials for now.



I still can't find the stinking audio drivers, so I have no sound at all right now. Okay, so maybe it's time I upgrade from Windows 98? Yeah, I know. Soon, maybe.


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