Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank You, John McCain!

The 2008 Presidential election is behind us, but the repercussions of the vote are yet to begin. Whether you supported Barack Obama, John McCain, or one of the many third party candidates (or no one at all -- and shame on you if that's the case), we all have to live with the repercussions of this week's election.

Veterans for McCainI am an Army Veteran from the first Gulf War era, and have always had an interest in politics. Senator John McCain made a political junkie out of me. For the first time in my life I found myself blogging daily in support of John McCain and exposing the liberal and socialist leanings, the lies, and the complete lack of experience of his opponent. For the first time in my life, I found myself volunteering to make phone calls for a political candidate. I made calls from the Indiana Republican Party Headquarters in Indianapolis, from the Marion County Victory Center, and even from my own home office on election day.

McCainI became a political junkie for John McCain because he has been the only true American hero to run for the office of President in my lifetime (I'm a huge fan of Ronald Reagan, but he wasn't the kind of hero that John McCain is). John McCain endured things in Vietnam that very few Americans have ever had to endure. McCainJohn McCain has given his country a lifetime of service, with never a complaint.

John McCain made me a political junkie because he gave me something to believe in for the future of America (I should say that I believe in twenty years time history will consider George W. Bush to have been one of our better Presidents) at a time when most people claim to have lost faith in our government.

John McCainJohn McCain made me a political junkie because he has always had the courage to stand up for his convictions, regardless of popular opinion, often to the possible detriment of his political career. He has stood up to Democrats, he has stood up to Republicans, and he has never allowed political expediency or political correctness to determine what course of action he should take on any issue. He has been his own man, and he has been America's man.

McCain Indy RallyJohn McCain made me such a political junkie that for the first time in my life I found myself and my family standing for five hours on an airport tarmac waiting for a political candidate to arrive and repeat the same talking points that had been played out on TV for the past week. And it was an incredible campaign rally, with a throng of devoted supporters cheering for their candidate -- devoted supporters who have a passion for their country and knew that their candidate was the best man to lead the country they love.

The election is now over, and I believe dark days may lie ahead. I have no confidence that our next President can execute the duties of his office efficiently and effectively. And I have already seen the comments of many bloggers -- those even who were writing pro-McCain posts during the election -- attack this American hero, blaming him for losing the election, for making stupid choices, for not attacking his opponent strongly enough.

Country FirstI am embarrassed and ashamed for the conduct of those who would so quickly turn their back on this candidate, this great American who has never turned his back on them. This American hero who has suffered great pains and inconvenience for the country that he loves deserves much better than the type of treatment I have heard today from some of his so-called supporters.

Barack Obama did not win this election. Barack Obama's supporters won this election. Organizations like ACORN and won this election through their get out the vote efforts -- whether legitimate or fraudulent. The mainstream media won this election through their lopsided coverage of the issues, their willingness to overlook the sins of their chosen candidate while raking the reputations of John McCain and his running mate over the coals. Barack Obama did not win this election.

John McCain did not lose this election. John McCain fought an incredible fight, never resting, never backing down from the liberal attack dogs of the Obama campaign and the mainstream media. John McCain did not lose this election. The Republican party lost this election. Those who failed to support John McCain lost this election. Those who chose to support him only with their vote lost this election. Those who found themselves too busy to make phone calls, knock on doors, talk to their friends and families about the issues and the candidates, and even too busy to get out and vote -- those are the people who lost this election. Evangelical Christians on the national scene who came out in force in 2004 to defend President Bush against John Kerry but failed to do the same for John McCain when the threat of the socialist agenda of Barack Obama was so much greater than any perceived threat from John Kerry -- Evangelicals like Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council -- they lost this election. John McCain did not lose this election.

Lady LibertyThe repercussions of this election could ripple for decades. The Republican Party must act now to bring a balance of power back to America. We can no longer sit back and wait for things to happen while liberals make more noise than us, support their candidates more publicly than us, and sweep the elections while we stand in the wings. We as a party must organize, mobilize, and vocalize if we are to have any hope of returning this country to the course our founding fathers intended. It could take decades for us to reverse the damage likely to be caused by the liberal government that will be ruling in Washington come January. We cannot sit back and do nothing any longer.

Thank You, John McCain! Thank You for your lifetime of courageous service in the face of diversity! Thank You for your willingness to go up against the liberal marketing machine of Barack Obama when no one else had the stamina to do so! Thank You for making me a political junkie, for mobilizing me, and for vocalizing me in support of a candidate that I truly believed in (and still believe in)!

Looking forward to 2010, we must prepare now to retake control of Congress, and set our sights on the White House in 2012. For now, I will be taking a brief break from politics. For the remainder of November, I will not be making frequent posts of a political nature here. I hope to pour my energy and efforts into my National Novel Writing Month project.

But I'll be watching, and I'll be back, and I hope I can count on you to vocalize with me against the liberal social agenda that threatens to run this great country down a course that it may require decades to return from.

Your comments?



Anonymous said...

I read your post on RedState and couldn't agree with you more. My only disagreement with you is that I don't believe that Obama's supporters won this election, I believe and there is more and more evidence coming out that this election was stolen by his supporting thugs through fraud, theft and intimidation. What makes me furious is that they will get away with it and it will continue to get worse every election.There must be a way to clean this up and put a stop to it. These thugs have made a mockery of our election process and I am boiling mad!
I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat so naturally,I was very surprised when I felt real admiration for John McCain and actually was proud and excited to support his campaign.
He is a true hero and I know he and Sarah Palin grieve as I do for the loss of this election and the losses we will incur from this liberal government.
By the way, I also live in Indiana by the Michigan line!

Olga said...

You touched me with your blog post. I too, for the first time in my life attended a rally, drove 3.5 hours to see a real American Hero, to hear the same thing I heard before, but enjoyed it every moment. For the first time, I donated to a campaign. My kids and husband were forced to watch fox news, rush, sean, o'reilly, etc. I became a political junkie, and loved it. For the first time, I cried over a political loss. my life will never be the same. How is it possible for evil to triumph over good, honor, and hard work?
John McCain represented everything I want in a president.
I am so heart broken. Thanks for your post. I know there are still so many who believe in reason.

Thank you!

Eric said...

McCain is a true hero, but will be even more of a Hero when he comes out to defend his runnning mate from the slander within his own campaign. I got to know a true hero in this campaign in McCain. Our country needs his leadership during this tense time in history. I have my doubts about Ob, but I pray, that he can rely on wise people such as McCain to keep our country safe.

Lori said...

Thank you Governor Palin! I am so sorry, for all of THE attacks on youself and family before AND after the election. Quite frankly without you, the Republicans would NOT ,have gotten as far as they did! You brought energy, excitement, courage, stamina, and resiliency, AND HONESTY to the McCain ticket. Senator McCain should step up, and make a public statement on your behalf! Whatever aid is spreading the dirt, he or she should be promptly reprimanded. To bad you came, and then left the workings of Washington with a dirty, rotten taste in your mouth! Senator McCain, and the Republicans lost all my themselves, they were lucky to have you, and maybe you should have been at the TOP OF THE TICKET!

Anonymous said...

I too am extremely heartbroken about this loss. I agree that the Republican Party did not do enough to help us win. For the first time in my life I am scared of the direction our country is taking. This is the first campaign I got involved in to this extent and watched as much news coverage (Fox) as I could along with listening to Glenn Beck and Rush. Although I don't agree with all they said I am thankful that I had someone else to listen to besides the liberal mainstream media. I think we all know that the media was in the tank for Obama and helped him win. It makes me sick that a man like McCain, someone who fought for our great Country and spent years as POW was treated with such disrespect during the campaign. I can't stand listening to the people at work who think Obama will make everything better, little do they know. However, unlike them I will not disrespect the office of the President, however it will be hard to bite my tongue and not say "I told you so" when things take a turn for the worse, I'll try but may not succeed!

Thank you Senator McCain and Governor Palin. I am proud to have supported you both and can't express enough gratitude for all that you endured during this campaign. You are true Americans!

Patricia Rand-Klarkowski said...

I would like to thank Sarah Palin for putting herself out there and standing strong. When she first was nominated her beliefs and actions made me say, " Finally a woman I can vote for." Hillary could NEVER be my representation of me in our government. If you can please pass this note on to her.

Thank you Sarah for being strong, beliving in our inalienable rights and not being fearful of standing up for them. For not letting the press push you and your family down. You're the kind of woman who truly represents feminism. You have my support for whatever you do after this.

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