Friday, November 7, 2008

Ask Mitch McConnell to Accept Lieberman Into GOP Caucus

Independent Senator Joe Lieberman from Connecticut has been a faithful supporter of John McCain throughout the Presidential campaign, because he put the needs of his Country over partisan politics. Senate Majority Leader (and Democrat) Harry Reid, angered by Senator Lieberman's support of John McCain, has threatened to throw Lieberman out of the Democrat caucus and strip him of his committee chairmanships.

Senator Lieberman is in talks with Senate Minority Leader (and Republican) Mitch McConnell about joining the Republican caucus in the Senate. This would reduce the lead the Democrats have in the Senate, as well as reward Senator Lieberman for standing up for his country in support of John McCain.

Call, write, or email (or better yet, do all three) Senator McConnell and ask him to accept Senator Lieberman into the Republican caucus!

Find a sample letter below the contact information.

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Senator McConnell:

I am a registered Republican in the state of YOUR STATE HERE who supported John McCain for President. I am concerned with the results of the Presidential election, and am writing you to ask you to please stand up to the Democratic domination in Washington immediately by accepting Senator Joe Lieberman into the GOP Caucus.

Senator Lieberman has been a loyal supporter of John McCain, putting the needs of his country ahead of the desires of his party. When Senator Lieberman appeared at campaign stops around the country with John McCain, thousands of other Republicans cheered him on as a great American who serves his country first.

Senator Reid is now threatening to eject Senator Lieberman from the Democratic caucus. This is the GOP's opportunity to reduce the liberal leadership in Washington by one and to reward a great American who had shown fierce loyalty to our candidate for President.

Please embrace Senator Lieberman as a member of the Republican caucus!

Thank you for your humble service to this country.

A fellow American,


"Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm." -- James Madison

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