Sunday, February 10, 2008

Toshiba Computer Repairs Continually FAIL

My computer, which has been repaired numerous times and just returned from Toshiba's technicians less than two weeks ago, has had the same error pop up again. When Toshiba had it, they said they could not duplicate the problem. As the image shows, it still exists.

My computer warranty expired on 2/1/2008, and I was pressing Toshiba to replace it before the warranty expires because I was concerned they would just think they are off the hook now. Guy Lugo, Toshiba's head of customer service, assured me that if the problem came back within a couple of months of the warranty expiring, because it had already been well documented, he would take care of the issue for me. When I last spoke with him after receiving my computer back, he told me to call him directly if the trouble occurred again. I'll be calling him tomorrow morning. We'll see what Toshiba does this time.


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