Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rudy Giuliani On Leadership

More thoughts on Leadership from Rudy Giuliani:

  • Remain calm, especially when those around you are easily troubled.
  • Someone who stays unruffled has a great advantage in being able to help others, to control the situation, to fix it.
  • No matter how talented your advisers and deputies, you have to attack challenges with as much of your own knowledge as possible.
  • A leader should have independently acquired knowledge of the areas he leads.
  • Developing your own expertise is not simply something you ought to do because it's your duty, or even because it's fun to know how things work. It's also the best way to weed out the biases and pretensions among those who want to influence you.
  • Having your own knowledge gives you a frame of reference, helping you decide whether or not to trust the advice someone is giving you.
  • Knowing the fundamentals helps you [keep] from being conned.
  • A bright person who hasn't become shackled by bad habits or a "That's the way it's always done" philosophy can be a catalyst for change.
  • Once the leader gives up, then everybody else gives up, and there's no hope.
  • It's up to a leader to instill confidence, to believe in his judgment and in his people even when they no longer believe in themselves.

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