Friday, February 15, 2008


Today's Daily Soap {Scripture | Observation | Application | Prayer}
  • S: Psalm 119:65-80
  • O: Sometimes God uses trial and hardship to bring us closer to Him.
  • A: Not that it's a form of punishment, so much. Though the Bible is full of situations in which God punished people for sin, we have been given the ultimate forgiveness for sin. Whether you choose to accept that forgiveness is up to you, but God has eliminated the need to punish us for failing Him. Instead, I think, God sometimes withholds His blessings from those of us who may have strayed in one way or another. And the withholding of those blessings can be sufficient that our own sinful acts send us into a state of turmoil. It doesn't seem to take long to start reaping what you sow. If what you sow is evil and wrong, then quite quickly you might find that bad things start coming your way. Isn't it funny how we then forget about the sin we may have committed? But if what you sow is love, goodwill, and obedience to God, He will shower you with blessings. The best thing of all: is isn't too late to change.
  • P: Lord, help me to be more obedient to Your will. Help me to reject the sinful ways of the world that can be so easy for people to fall victim to, and to live my life according to Your plan.
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