Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Toshiba System Board Fails Again

I received my "repaired" Toshiba notebook computer back from the Toshiba Authorized Service Provider Friday afternoon, just four days ago, with a new system board and USB board installed. It was the THIRD replacement system board and the SECOND replacement USB board.

Sunday evening, just two days after picking up the so-called repaired computer, the USB problem repeated itself intermittently. Again on Monday night, no USB access at times. As of this morning, the USB ports were all totally disabled again. Then at lunch time today, and right now, they seem to be working.

I attempted to call Guy Lugo, Toshiba's head of Customer Service, at the number he provided to me last week (949-463-4127). I was unable to reach Mr. Lugo and left him a voicemail. At the time I did not have access to the same number I reached him at originally (949-461-4153), but will be attempting to reach him at that number tomorrow. I left him a voicemail today and have received no response as of yet.

The situation has received some attention on some very interesting fronts. More of that to come in the future.

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Stay tuned for more information as the situation develops.


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