Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rudy Giuliani on Leadership

What I learned today about Leadership from Rudy Giuliani:

Accountability Across The Board:

  • The best indicators don't simply measure performance, they improve it.
  • So long as the person on top believes in the system and makes sure that everyone beneath him buys into it and has the necessary support and resources, no one person is irreplaceable.
  • Those who need their hands held and want every move to originate at headquarters will never succeed.
  • The leaders job is to set the tone and agenda, including specific targets for managers in the field, and to supply whatever advice, encouragement, and resources are needed to meet those targets.
  • Every leader needs to internalize the idea that being open and honest about the enterprise is always the best course.
  • Disclose bad news sooner rather than later.
  • Any organization is better off when everyone answers to each other.
Do What's Possible, Try What's Not:
  • No matter what you're tracking, comparing results to previous indicators, then demanding improvement, is the best way to achieve anything.

I've said in past posts that I don't necessarily support Rudy Giuliani for the Republican Presidential nomination. Unfortunately, today the candidate that I do support has withdrawn from the race. I'll be considering where to throw my support going forward.


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