Monday, January 21, 2008

Rudy on Leadership: Preparedness & Accountability

What I learned today about Leadership from Rudy Giuliani:

Instill Preparedness In Others
  • Creating reasons for those who work for you to establish their own culture of preparedness is part of being a good leader.
  • Create a culture that values preparation.
Everyone's Accountable All Of The Time
  • More than anyone, leaders should welcome being held accountable.
  • Nothing builds confidence in a leader more than a willingness to take responsibility for what happens during his watch.
  • Nothing builds a stronger case for holding employees to a high standard than a boss who holds himself to even higher ones.
  • The mere fact that one knows that one is going to be called to account will provide the motivation to try new strategies.
  • For any system to remain effective, it must continually challenge itself.
  • A leader's role is to raise the bar.
  • Success relies on acting as a team, sharing ideas, holding each other accountable, relying on one another for support.

      It should be said that I do not necessarily endorse Rudy Giuliani for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. I'm just enjoying reading his book, Leadership.


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