Monday, January 14, 2008

Rudy on Leadership: Morning Meetings

I've started reading Rudy Giuliani's book, Leadership. It's a very interesting book, so far. Here's what I learned today about Leadership from America's Mayor:

  • Begin every single morning with a morning staff meeting.
  • Without a system for processing the day's challenges, the sheer number of issues needing your attention could easily dictate your agenda.
  • The main purpose of the morning meeting is to get control of the day before it gets control of you.
  • The morning meeting should be the core of your approach to managing. It serves numerous purposes -- decision-making, communicating, even socializing -- but most of all it will keep you accountable.
  • The morning meeting is where the chief executive is responsible, and can hold everyone else responsible.
  • One of the best lessons a leader can communicate to his or her staff is that encountering problems is to be expected. But failing to mention problems -- or, worse, covering them up -- should not be tolerated.
  • Your staff should know that if you decide on a Monday that something needs to be done about a problem, you will be asking for a plan on Tuesday and eager to know how the plan is going by Wednesday. If the lapse between those stages is two weeks instead of two days, it is likely the responsible party will take the whole two weeks.
  • Parkinsons Law about work: "Work expands so as to fill the time available for it's completion."


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