Saturday, September 24, 2005

Senator Bayh Opposes Judge Roberts

If you thought Senator John Kerry was a flip-flopper, consider the following contradictions from Senator Bayh himself:

Senator Bayh's comments before the Senate Judiciary Committee while introducing Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee Judge Roberts:

Today Senator Bayh made the following flip-flop announcement:
As you can see, Senator Bayh now OPPOSES the "fellow Hoosier" who is "so talented and so successful" that Senator Bayh was "proud" to introduce to the Senate Judiciary committee. Why? Not because he isn't qualified, because Judge Roberts is highly qualified for this position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Senator Bayh opposes Judge Roberts for only two reasons:

1- Senator Bayh is a Democrat, and Judge Roberts is a Conservative Strict Constructionist who will INTERPRET the Constitution, not legislate from the bench. All Democrats FEAR such a Justice on the Supreme Court.

2- While Democrats would ask Judge Roberts to pledge to vote one way or another on key issues, Judge Roberts refused to discuss such issues that might come before the court as it might have an unfair outcome on potential future cases.

The bottom line is, Judge John Roberts is much more qualified for the post of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court than Senator Bayh is for his current office, much less the Office of President of the United States.

If you live in Indiana, contact Senator Bayh today to voice your support for Judge John Roberts. you can reach him via email from his official website, by mail, or by calling one (or all) of his offices at the numbers listed here.

If you do not live in Indiana but are an American citizen and plan to vote in the next Presidential election, be sure to cast your vote AGAINST Senator Evan Bayh, from the Primary through the General Election.


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