Friday, June 12, 2009

Maddy's Recovery Continues -- With A Bit of Swelling

Maddy's Swelled PawI had an unexpected interruption (as if there's any such thing as an expected interruption) at work today, when my wife called to tell my that our Maddy's paw (the remaining front leg) -- in fact, her entire front leg -- was swelled. My first fear, of course, was that the swelling was similar to the "swelling" that turned out to be a cancerous tumor in her (now gone) right front leg. After making several attempts to reach both our vet and the surgeon that performed the amputation on the phone, I decided to leave work and rush home to check up on our oldest "kid."

During my drive home, the surgeon called me, and we discussed the symptoms. He said that based on her attitude, her activity level, her diet, and the type of swelling she was having, he didn't think it was an emergency. He felt that we could probably wait until tomorrow when her vet is in (the surgeon's office is ninety minutes away). He thought that the swelling was probably caused by poor circulation, and he gave me some tips about what we can do to ensure that it isn't an emergency and to reduce the swelling.

I came home, and we did some hydrotherapeutic massage of the swelled paw. Getting Maddy off her feet for a while, and relaxed in a position that doesn't put all of her weight on her remaining front leg, we managed to get the swelling down to a condition that was less alarming. Right now, she's lying by my side on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, sleeping, with her leg sticking out beside her. Hopefully we'll find her to be in a bit better condition in the morning. If not, it's probably back to the vet again.

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Maddy's Cancer Battle

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