Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/11, Seven Years Later

The Patriot Post

10 September 2008 Patriot Vol. 08 No. 37    

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We remember...


"Let the American youth never forget..." —Joseph Story


Tomorrow we mark the seventh anniversary of September 11, 2001, when 2,996 innocents, mostly American citizens, lost their lives in the murderous attacks of Islamic fascists against our country. In keeping with the presidential proclamation designating September 11, 2008, as Patriot Day, all flags should be flown at half staff in memory of those who lost their lives six years ago. We invite you to join us as we offer our prayers for the families of those lost and for our Armed Forces now serving on the front lines of the war that began that day.

As you remember September 11th, we invite you to visit The Patriot's resource to commemorate the attacks on our countrymen, "Day of Terror: A September 11 Retrospective". Now, as we move forward and continue to engage our jihadi foes in battle fronts around the globe, let us never forget why we fight.


"If [Osama] bin Laden had been killed in Afghanistan in 2001, the United States would be combating a myth and a legend. Instead of caliphate, bin Laden has produced his own catastrophe. The bin Laden icon is seriously fractured, if not quite shattered." —Austin Bay

"The Republican ticket has it in the right order. We have the much more experienced candidate first. We have the younger, new generation candidate second. They have a candidate with no experience first, and they have the older-generation candidate second." —Rudy Giuliani

"No governor ever had foreign policy experience before becoming president—not Ronald Reagan, not Franklin D. Roosevelt, nor any other governor. It is hard to know how many people could possibly have had foreign policy experience before reaching the White House besides a Secretary of State or a Secretary of Defense." —Thomas Sowell

"Obama and his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, see America as a nation in which government plays a primary role in individual lives. John McCain and Sarah Palin see the individual as primary and government as a protector of freedom that can help the less fortunate become self-sustaining." —Cal Thomas

"In short, Sarah Palin is the emblem of what feminism was supposed to be all about: an unafraid, independent, audacious woman, who soared on her own merits without the aid of a patriarchal jumpstart, high-brow matrimonial tutelage and capital, and old-boy liaisons and networking." —Victor Davis Hanson

"As many as an estimated nine out of 10 children with Down syndrome are aborted in the womb, sought out by increasingly sophisticated prenatal tests and eliminated as too flawed, too burdensome, too different to live. This is the ugly eugenic underbelly of American life, even as we congratulate ourselves on our tolerance and diversity." —Rich Lowry

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In God we trust.

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