Saturday, July 12, 2008

Making Your Marriage Great

Marriage tips from M. Gary Neuman's Emotional Infidelity.

Ten Rules for Avoiding Emotional Infidelity:
Rule 1: Keep it all business at the office
  • Keep conversations that aren't strictly related to business short and sweet. A person rarely talks to you for any length of time unless you hold up your end of the conversation.
  • By not being an overly chummy or talkative coworker, you may come across as a not very sensitive person. Some coworkers may even think you're a bit self-involved. But this is a good impression to make. It means the opposite gender coworkers will feel uncomfortable running to you when they have a problem or question.
  • Appear quite busy: have an appointment, have a great deal of work to finish up, be meeting your wife for dinner.
  • Avoid those trendy "team building" activities that take place outside of work hours. Businesses would better serve their employees by allowing such "team building" events to include family members or by offering intellectual and insightful seminars where people can develop a feeling of teamwork through learning together.
As a Retail Store Manager, I have always had my own rule that I never open or close for the day with an opposite gender employee. Not so much to keep from putting myself into a situation where I could get myself into trouble, but rather to prevent any appearance that such a thing could happen and to prevent an employee (who might at some later point feel slighted) from manufacturing an untruth about a time when we would have opened or closed together in order to cause trouble for me out of revenge. There are entirely too many things that don't actually have to happen, but only need be alleged to have happened, to cause trouble both in the workplace and in the marriage. I always have a same gender employee open or close with me to remain above reproach at all times.

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