Friday, July 11, 2008

Making A Great Marriage

Great Marriage Tips, from M. Gary Neuman.

Secret #1: Commitment is the glue of marriage. Insulate and protect your marriage against emotional infidelity by avoiding friendships with members of the opposite gender.
Fidelity Facts
  • Many couples have already lost their joy and romance when they stop placing energy into keeping their marriage wonderful and focus instead on caring for the children and making enough money to raise a family.
  • The first step in developing a happy marriage is to close our peripheral vision to others so that we can be fully focused on our mate.
The "Love Nuptial"
  • Marriage is about immediate and effective change through the growth of giving your whole self to another and receiving the same in return.
  • Everything must change: our emotional, physical, and financial selves must service a new kingdom, the one of marital union.
  • If we could ever go back to the way we were before marriage, then we never knew the genuine meaning of marriage.
Where competition fails.
  • If you develop a relationship with a member of the opposite gender ... you begin to judge your spouse based on what you see in your relationships with these other people.
  • Don't underestimate the importance to any marriage of befriending happily married couples who are openly warm to each other.

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