Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tips On Making A Great Marriage

Tips on making a great marriage, from M. Gary Neuman: an Introduction

As I read through Gary Neuman's Emotional Infidelity, I'll periodically share notes with you here from the book. At the end, of course, I'll consolidate all of the notes into one final review.

Marriage is the single most important institution a person can enter into. Unfortunately, it is frequently taken very lightly by those who venture in. While many of us may consider our marriages to be good or even great, I'll bet there isn't one of us out there who couldn't benefit from some of the tips in Neuman's book.

Communication is not the problem
  • Do you allow too much emotional energy to be spent outside your marriage?
  • Do you neglect to make the time for your marriage or intimacy, preventing you from growing together?
  • Did you lose focus on your marriage when your children were born?

You know more than you think
  • If you keep trying the same thing, you're not trying. Trying the same thing over and over hundreds of times doesn't constitute trying hundreds of times. If something isn't working, by all means try something else. If you've been trying to send the same message to your spouse over and over again, stop it.

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