Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Holiday Thoughts

Being in Retail Management, this can always be a hectic and stressful
time of year for me. In past years, the job has actually killed my
Christmas spirit. There can be a great deal of chaos, people arguing
over who got to the last widget on the shelf first -- many people are
just rude in general at this time of year to those in the service

Thankfully I've been away from the core retail business for the past
five years. I work now in a specialty retail market that barely even
extends store hours for the holidays. And with Thanksgiving (my
favorite holiday) behind us and Christmas rapidly approaching, I can
let the joy of the season flow through me.

There is nothing better at Christmas than seeing my kids happy. It
makes up for all of the rudeness and chaos I see at work.

Next time you're shopping, tell a Retailer "Thank You" for being there
for you this Christmas. It just might make their day.

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