Friday, May 8, 2009

Contact #Indiana Senator Bayh About Senate Bill 614

Indiana voters, ask Senator Evan Bayh to join Senator Richard Lugar in supporting Senate Bill 614. Click here for more on the bill.

Contact Senator Bayh now!

A suggested form letter follows:
Senator Bayh:

I am an Indiana voter writing to ask you to join Senator Lugar as a co-sponser of Senate Bill 614, recognizing the service of the Womens Airforce Service Pilots with a Congressional Gold Medal. These brave women were pioneers in the this country, as they blew the doors wide open for women to serve in the military in all aspects.

Women today would not have the freedom to proudly serve their country if not for the courage and spirit of women such as America's WASPs. It is the very pioneering attitude of these brave women that made America a free country 233 years ago.

These women deserve much, much more than a mere Congressional Gold Medal, but this is a simple first step that you can take to thank these brave American patriots for their service to our country.

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