Friday, August 1, 2008

Toshiba Finally To Replace Lemon Computer

Before reading on, you might want to read the various other postings about my Toshiba Satellite notebook computer.
Read enough? Interestingly enough, I received word about two months ago from a friend who works for a major media outlet (who, by the way, contacted Toshiba on my behalf without my knowledge several months ago) that Toshiba had notified him that they would be taking the steps to replace my Toshiba Satellite notebook computer. The response he received from Toshiba read as follows:
"Toshiba regrets that it was not able to resolve [the] technical difficulties through our established customer service program. Toshiba prides itself on serving its customers with speed and integrity, and strives to rectify its customers concerns. Toshiba has based its actions to rectify this problem with the customer through open discussion and then took the steps to resolve this complaint. We believed that this issue had been resolved but will now take the steps to further rectify this situation with our customer and will replace the computer.”
I don't discount the fact that this response was most likely motivated by the fact that my friend works for a major media outlet that has the capacity to provide some negative publicity for Toshiba, if it so wished. However, when it's the little guy against the big tech companies, we need every advantage we can get.

I waited some two months to hear from Toshiba about the "steps to further rectify this situation ... and replace the computer." Two months, and nothing, until my friend contacted me again for an update. Two days after telling him that I had not yet heard anything from Toshiba, I received a phone call from a Mr. John Kelly, with TAIS (Toshiba America Information Systems). He seemed very happy to notify me that he was going to replace my computer, although he was very clear about the fact that "Toshiba doesn't have to do this."

Either way, I received in email yesterday with the shipping label and authorization forms to send my old computer back to Toshiba and receive a new replacement computer. The documents from Toshiba included the following text:
Toshiba American Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS) would like to offer you a replacement for your Satellite. A Factory New Satellite, with like-for-like technology, equal to or exceeding that of your current unit at no cost to you.

Limited Warranty: The Limited Warranty period for your replacement unit will be One (1) Year from the date of shipment, or the remainder of the Limited warranty period of the unit being replaced, whichever is longer.
I was most surprised to learn that the computer would be replaced with a new system, as opposed to refurbished, and that the new system would include a one year manufacturer's warranty. I spoke with Mr. Kelly again today and was informed that my new computer will arrive via FedEx tomorrow morning, at which time I will send the old unit back to Toshiba.

The new unit reportedly has a hard drive more than twice the size, four times the RAM, a faster processor, and an upgraded version of Windows Vista. Granted, I have yet to receive the new computer, but I have tracking number in hand and expect it to arrive tomorrow morning.

I am happy that Toshiba is honoring their warranty at long last by replacing what is clearly a lemon product, but just a bit disappointed that it took major media intervention to accomplish my goal. But hey, as I said, I'll take every advantage I can get.

I'll post an update here after receiving and evaluating the new unit, which I'll probably give to my wife as I have already replaced the unit with a new Sony Vaio notebook.

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