Friday, August 8, 2008

Two Are One

Today's Daily Soap {Scripture | Observation | Application | Prayer}
  • S: Again the Jews picked up rocks to throw at him. Jesus said, "I have made a present to you from the Father of a great many good actions. For which of these acts do you stone me?" The Jews said, "We're not stoning you for anything good you did, but for what you said—this blasphemy of calling yourself God." Jesus said, "I'm only quoting your inspired Scriptures, where God said, 'I tell you—you are gods.' If God called your ancestors 'gods'—and Scripture doesn't lie—why do you yell, 'Blasphemer! Blasphemer!' at the unique One the Father consecrated and sent into the world, just because I said, 'I am the Son of God'? If I don't do the things my Father does, well and good; don't believe me. But if I am doing them, put aside for a moment what you hear me say about myself and just take the evidence of the actions that are right before your eyes. Then perhaps things will come together for you, and you'll see that not only are we doing the same thing, we are the same—Father and Son. He is in me; I am in him." John 10:31-38 [MSG]
  • O: God and Jesus Christ -- Father and Son -- are actually one and the same.
  • A: It can be difficult for our finite minds to comprehend how God and Jesus can be the same. How they can be One. The Father in Heaven and His Son who came to earth to save us from our sins. How can two be One? Think about this: you cannot see air. You can't touch it, taste it, or feel it. You can't smell it. It's not something tangible that you can measure. When the wind blows, you're feeling the wind, not the air -- rather the effect of air being moved. You may smell scents or aromas, but they are merely carried by the air, not actually the air. But we know the air is there, we know it's all around us. We believe that. Why? Because someone we trust told us. Similarly, our belief in God is based on faith -- because someone we trust told us. We can't see Him (though we see His works in nature around us), we can't touch Him, taste Him, or feel Him (though we may feel Him working in our hearts). We certainly can't smell Him. But we know that He's there. And if we believe in God, and believe that Jesus is His Son, then we must accept the fact that God's Son doesn't lie. And if God's Son doesn't lie, then all that He says is true. And if Jesus says that He and God are One, then it must be true, because someone we trust -- Jesus -- told us.
  • P: Father, my finite mind may not be able to fathom all of your wonders, but I take it on faith that Your Word is true. Because I trust You and You've told me these wondrous things.
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