Friday, August 29, 2008

Vacation: Day Three

McCain / PalinDay three of my vacation was no less eventful than the first two, but most of it was spent at home.

The first few hours of the morning were spent watching what started out as several media outlets trying to guess who Senator John McCain was going to announce as his Vice Presidential running mate at noon today. I watched most of the coverage on Fox News, because the liberal slant of literally every other news network was sickening! Senator McCain announced what turned out to be a surprise pick for many in the name of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (more on the announcement here). As I blogged it immediately upon the announcement, I won't revisit my opinions here (other than to say, McCain/Palin!).

Thomas Wooden RailwayAt some point before Senator McCain made his announcement, my son and I headed up to the play room to finish our new design on his Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway (can't quite see it all in this picture). We completely rebuilt the entire layout of the track, and I then proceeded to spend a couple of hours anchoring it down with screws so that the kids can play with it without the track sliding out of place or the upper levels of the track falling over. We must have done a pretty good job of it, as my son played with the thing for hours after we finished it. He used to spend a great deal of time playing with his wooden trains, and now that my daughter is starting to show an interest in it, too, I hope to see his interest resparked.

Pirate Ship Birthday CakeIn the middle of our wooden railway project, I took the kids out for lunch and ice cream while my wife put the finishing touches on my son's birthday cake. He'll turn five on Labor Day, and we're having some friends and family over tomorrow to celebrate (we'll be going to King's Island on Monday). My son wanted a pirate birthday, and my wife did an awesome job of making him a pirate ship birthday cake. Best of all, the cake is completely homemade! No prepackaged ingredients at all.

As my wife put the kids to bed (usually my task) I headed to work to pick up the basketball goal I stashed there for my son about a month or so ago. I brought it home and set it up and we'll surprise my son with it before his party tomorrow.

While at work, I had to process the termination transaction for the Associate that admitted to theft yesterday, and modify the schedule for next week to accommodate.

Day four of vacation promises to be filled with activity, as my son's birthday party kicks off at one o'clock, and we still aren't sure of the exact number of people who will be here.

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