Saturday, August 30, 2008


I'm watching, for the second time, the Saddleback Civil Forum on Fox News. I have just come to a realization that I guess I knew all along, but never knew it in so many words. I realized that Barack Obama, like most politicians of any party, says what he needs to say to be politically popular in the moment. He has never actually clearly told us what he believes or where he stands on any issue without his own built in contradictions.

In contrast, Senator John McCain has always said what he believes and where he stands, whether his stance is the popular one or not. He is for stem cell research while his party is not. He is opposed to a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, but has clearly stated under what conditions he would decide to support one.

Calling John McCain a maverick is not just a label -- it's a fact. John McCain is a principled man who stands upon his principles, clearly defines his principles, and is man enough to change his mind when changes in the world make it prudent.

Open your eyes, America, and see the real picture. There is no other choice for the White House than John McCain!

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