Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain / Palin for President - UPDATED


It's official, Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain has announced that his pick for Vice Presidential candidate will be Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

In a move that may surprise many, John McCain passed up the expected picks of Mitt Romney and Jim Pawlenty for someone that can actually contribute something of value to the Republican ticket. I was concerned that a Romney pick would just be more of what Obama did, picking someone who was his political rival just six months ago. A move like that seems more politically expedient to me than anything else.

Sarah Palin has elected executive experience as both Mayor and Governor. In fact, she brings the only elected executive experience to the Presidential contest. She has a history of not standing in favor of the big oil companies. She is staunchly pro-life and opposed to same-sex marriage (though she does favor protecting gays from discrimination). She is in favor of offshore drilling in ANWR, and has taken many steps in her tenure as Governor of Alaska to lower energy costs for the citizens of her state.

With very high approval ratings as Governor of Alaska, a strong Conservative track record, and sound fiscal policies, Palin is the most inline with the stance of John McCain on the issues. As a woman, Palin might possibly bring to the Republican fold those Hillary supporters who supported her because she was a woman.

Most interestingly, how exactly does the Democratic VP pick Joseph Biden plan to debate someone like Palin in the agreed upon upcoming VP debate? I don't see it happening. I think what we'll likely see is Sarah Palin having Joseph Biden for lunch.

Consider this Average Joe a supporter of the McCain / Palin ticket for President. After the Obamafest this past week, it's nice to see some real news for a change. This is a whole new ballgame.

Your comments?


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Anonymous said...

I will admit that I supported Hillary in her bid, and after she suspended her campaign, I almost knew that Obama would not do the prudent thing and pick her for VP. Why he was afraid the Clintons would overshadow him. You know what hw better be afraid of them.

I've loved McCain for years. He is a TRUE PATRIOT and AMERICAN. He knows how to lead, and we all know that has the endurance and the ability to handle the greatest of stress and pain.

He will be a first day President, and with the right cabinet he will accomplish alot for all of us. While I do not agree with all of his stances, I know that he is the best candidate running.

His VP choice will make them a dynamic duo, she will appeal to a great deal of people from sports fan, to those younger working mothers, and her bright style will give the Republicans a sort of rock star also.

Also, Obama had the biggest stage in politics last night, and I thought he would come out and lay out his policies and programs and let us know how he manages to implement them.

He did not, what he did do is attack McCain, and speak of his progams in generalities. I thought he could have used that stage to lay his agenda out. All he did is lay on the charm and again show us why he'll never make President.

I'm a republican now and will do whatever it takes to make sure we win in November.

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