Tuesday, November 7, 2006

More On Voter Turn-out

My wife, who STILL hasn't updated her voter registration, had to drive clear across town again to vote. And when she arrived at the same firehouse that SHE voted at in 2004, she found the same thing I found this morning: no polls. Her polling location had been moved ANOTHER ten minutes away to a volunteer firehouse. This is the biggest downfall of our current electoral process: nobody really knows where to go to vote.

Is it just us, or are others having the same problem? Do you have to watch the local news and read the local papers to vote? That's crazy, too.

I have another idea. If they can't just let you vote at any polling location, they should mail you a simple postcard that tells you where and when you can vote based on the address on file. Seems simple enough to me.


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