Monday, November 6, 2006

Nothing But Net

It can't all be about politics.

My son's fall basketball season came to an end tonight, and he was presented with his first ever trophy at just three years old. It was a pretty exciting event (maybe more for me than it was for him).

The picture is a bit grainy, but I had to snap it with short notice using my Palm Pilot, so I'm lucky I got the picture at all.

His winter basketball season will be starting up soon. It's amazing how much he has improved in just eight weeks. Tonight he actually made his first in-game basket ever! He can hit the basket in practice, but has always passed the ball during a game rather than shooting. Tonight he took his first shot and -- SWOOSH! -- nothing but net!

I'm so proud of him! And to think I almost didn't make it there in time tonight.


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