Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dignity in Losing

I said I was going to try to take a break from talking about politics for a few days, but I realized something interesting yesterday. Republicans took a devastating beating and lost the House and the Senate and several Governor seats -- that's no surprise. And the President quite admirably took it on the chin and said he would do his best to work with the new leadership.

There were some reports of voting machine problems in Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Montana, and elsewhere. Nothing widespread, but problems nonetheless.

Do you remember hearing any Republicans crying voter fraud? Even Senator Allen in Virginia stepped down graciously in defeat.

Do you recall the past two Presidential elections -- when the Democrats took a whooping? Remember the hanging chads and lawsuits in Florida and Ohio? Remember how John Kerry and especially Al Gore cried that President Bush was SELECTED not elected?

My point is this: Republicans accepted their fate with dignity while Democrats in the past did not. I think that tells a story in itself.


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