Saturday, November 4, 2006

Issue: Marriage

Marriage has been a campaign issue over the past several elections. More specifically, whether Marriage should be defined as only the union of one man and one woman, or be opened up to allow homosexuals to unite in marriage. It's one of those issues that most people have an opinion on which they are unwilling to budge from.

Those who stand for Traditional Marriage have very sound, solid reasons for their views. They back up their stance with the Bible, family values, and hundreds of years of how things have always been done.

Those in favor of allowing homosexuals to marry believe that they have good reasons as well. They cite civil liberties, black oppression, and discrimination as their war cry. They liken themselves to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X struggling for equality.

There are those voters, believe it or not, who don't have a firm stance for one view over the other. It doesn't matter to them because they don't think it will have any impact on their lives if homosexuals marry or not. It's the "what's done in the privacy of their own home" argument.

What they don't seem to realize is that it's s much more than just "what's done in the privacy of their own home." If homosexuals are allowed to marry, then it becomes what's done everywhere, right out in public, for all the world to see, without regard for common decency! Because homosexuals won't keep their perversion within the confines of their own homes. Accepting homosexual marriage as normal is the equivalent of accepting homosexuality as normal. It will only encourage those who choose this unnatural lifestyle to display their perverted affections in public. I, for one, don't care to expose my children to such vulgar behavior.

There are those that will argue that homosexuality is inborn, not something you choose. There are researchers who have even tried to prove that homosexuality is genetically determined. I offer two pieces of proof to the contrary: anatomy and wildlife.

I'll agree on one point: sexual association is determined genetically. Unless you've been afflicted with some form of physical anomaly or defect, every mammal (not just people, which is important) is born with either male or female genitals. That is how your genes determine your sexual association. If you were born with male genitalia, you're a man, and any sexual associations you have should be with a woman, and vice versa (preferrably monogamously). In the animal kingdom, male animals associate with female animals for the propagation of the species. There are no homosexual lion prides, elephant crashes, wolf packs, etc. (again, unless there's some kind of birth defect).

It's why buttons have holes, light bulbs have sockets, and plugs have outlets. That is how the pieces naturally fit together. Man has woman, and woman has man, because that is how the pieces naturally fit together!

So how does homosexual marriage affect you? Progression. Most of us as children played a game where someone told someone else a secret, the secret was then relayed one person at a time through a number of people, only to come out with a shockingly different meaning at the other end. This is exactly what will happen to society if homosexuals marry. Why, then, can men not have more than one wife? Some people could even claim it's a common practice in their religion (some people already make that claim today). If we allow two men or two women to marry, why not three men, or four women (or six, or eight, or even a hundred)? Why, we don't even need a legal age of consent then, do we? If two men can marry, why not a man and a boy? You think it can't happen? Think again: there is an entire organization that supports the idea of men and boys engaging in such relationships. It's called NAMBLA -- The North American Man-Boy Love Association. What's to stop them from rallying for their cause of inappropriate sexual relations between grown men and young boys?

YOU! That's right, you can put a stop to the perversion! How? VOTE! Cast your vote on Tuesday in favor of Traditional Marriage. If there isn't a Marriage Amendment on your ballot, vote for a candidate that supports Traditional Marriage. Not sure who those candidates are? Here's an organization that can help.

And remember, if you don't vote, you don't really have a right to complain about the outcome of Election Day or the makeup of the government as a result.


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