Monday, November 6, 2006

From Joe's Average Americans

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Date: Nov 6, 10:13 pm
Subject: Politics
To: Joe's Average Americans

The economy isn't getting the press that it should be getting at this time of the election season, and that should tell you something. What you should be hearing about is that the Unemployment Rate is at the unbelievably low rate of just 4.4%. Statistically speaking, our nation is more than fully employed.

And all the talk from Democrats about wanting to raise the minimum wage should worry us. Only 2% of American workers are paid minimum wage. Only 2%!!! Who are MOST of those 2%? High school students working their first job, living at home. They SHOULD be making minimum wage while they work their way up in the workforce. As for the portion of that 2% that are NOT high school students? They are mostly unskilled or low-skilled single adults who, if the minimum wage were raised, would probably lose their jobs to more skilled workers.

What you should be hearing about is that the economy -- even with gas prices a little higher than we'd all like -- is doing pretty darn well right now. And if you want to change that, well, I'm sure you can find a Democrat on the ballot to cast your vote for.


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