Friday, November 3, 2006

Issue: Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration. Where do you stand on the issue? It's one of the biggest issues in the upcoming midterm elections, and every candidate has a position.

Specifically, in the state of Indiana, in the race for the Congressional seat currently held by John Hostettler, and challenged by Brad Ellsworth.

Hostettler is in favor of stiffer regulations and actions to stop illegal immigrants before they enter our country. Ellsworth, on the other hand, supports sweeping amnesty for illegal immigrants who are currently in the United States illegally. Where do you stand?

Illegal immigrants come into our country and take jobs away from American citizens. Some argue that they only take the jobs that Americans don't want. True or False? If they're taking jobs that Americans don't want, then they aren't actually causing any harm. True or False?

On both counts, False! How can you say that the jobs taken by these illegals are not wanted by anyone else? Have you really given everyone an opportunity to take the job? And illegals working in the American systen do harm Americans. How? They are mostly paid under the table to protect the crooked companies that employ them. This illegally exempts them from paying taxes, increasing the tax burden for honest Americans and legal immigrants. It allows their law breaking employers to skirt the system and avoid paying Unemployment Taxes and Social Security Taxes, leaving these systems greatly under funded and creating the great debate of privatized Social Security.

Hiring legal workers, whether they be American citizens or Resident Aliens, allows the systems to be fed fairly and equitably by every member of the workforce. When we all carry our share of the load, the system functions better for everyone. And I didn't even address how the current security holes that allow illegals to enter the country can help terrorists to enter as well.

Illegal immigration is a problem for every American, and drastic measures must be taken swiftly to stop illegals from crossing our borders and to either legalize (without amnesty) or deport those who currently reside here illegally. Do your part on Tuesday and cast a vote to stop illegal immigration.


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