Saturday, November 4, 2006

Issue: War

Probably the biggest issue this election season is the war in Iraq. For coverage of this issue, I turn to two famous Great Americans, and one unknown Great American.
"As of this writing 2,802 young Americans have been killed during three and a half years of war in Iraq. That's roughly the same number killed at Iwo Jima during the first three and a half days of fighting against the Japanese. Every life lost was precious and every loss grievous to those who loved them. Unfortunately, our media intends to use every one of those killed to make their point. It's a lesson they learned in Vietnam. On Feb. 27, 1968, after a month of brutal fighting and daily images of U.S. casualties on American television, Walter Cronkite, then the host of the CBS Evening News, proclaimed that the Tet Offensive had proven to him that the Vietnam War was no longer winnable... It didn't matter that Tet had been a decisive victory for the United States and South Vietnam. Today's potentates of the press are trying to deliver the same message: that Iraq, like Vietnam, is un-winnable. One television network has gone so far as to broadcast images of U.S. troops being killed by terrorists---making Iraq the first war where Americans get their news from the enemy. The war in Vietnam wasn't lost during 'Tet 68' no matter what Cronkite said. Rather, it was lost in the pages of America's newspapers, on our televisions, our college campuses-- and eventually in the corridors of power in Washington. We need to pray that this war isn't lost the same way." ---Oliver North

"Sometimes it seems [the news media] are less interested in legitimate news than they are in proving their knowledge and wisdom is superior to ours. The most frustrating thing is when I have the facts to prove them wrong but cannot reveal those facts without endangering security or wrecking some plan we're engaged in." ---Ronald Reagan

"Democrats are more concerned with Democrat political power than the welfare of our troops and our nation. Lies and forgeries of documents have been their modus operandi. Regardless of the Democrat continuous negative political blitzkrieg, our nation has recovered from 9/11 beyond all expectations, particularly beyond all Democrat predictions. Please tell me that Americans aren't stupid enough to swallow all the socialist Liberal Democrat diatribe on Election Day." ---a reader of The Patriot Post, San Jose, California
There isn't a great deal to add. I learned last night that my youngest nephew has chosen to follow in the footsteps of his father and enlisted in the U.S. Marines. My brother's time of service is complete, as is mine and my father's. My nephew now takes up the fight. It is for brave people such as him that you are able to read these words.

We must achieve victory in Iraq. Sooner rather than later, if possible, but victory nonetheless.

God Bless America, our fighting men and women, and God Bless that nephew of mine.


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