Thursday, November 23, 2006


Among the many things that I already listed for which I'm thankful, there's one thing to add.

Four years ago today, in a quiet little bed and breakfast, with our closest friends and family watching, my wife and I were united in Marriage. Without her, most of what makes me happy and thankful today would not be possible.

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife, and Thank You for making my life complete.

Here are some excerpts from our wedding story:

November 23, 2002
Our Wedding Day

7:53 am

Lots to do today before the wedding, but it really shouldn’t take me that long to get it done. I’m going to get started now, though, by packing up my bags for the trip.

9:01 am
She just called me. She seems to have forgotten the pictures of how she wants her hair to be done for the wedding. I have to try to round them up for her and take them to her parents’ house with the makeup that she forgot to get out of the car last night. At the rate she’s forgetting things, I hope she doesn’t forget about the wedding!

10:44 am
After dropping off the dogs at the vet for boarding, I drove out to her parents’ to drop off the makeup she left in the car last night and to pick up her engagement ring so I’ll have it to put on her finger tonight with her wedding ring. Then I stopped and vacuumed and washed the car on the way home, topped it off with gas, and threw away the Halloween pumpkins that were on the front porch (they clashed with the new Christmas decorations). I also called the Cake Decorator before washing the car to make sure everything was going according to plan. She said she was running a little behind, but she had originally planned to be here around noon, so that won’t be a big deal.
For the most part, it looks like things are coming along quite nicely.

11:28 pm
I just talked to my bride-to-be again. I found her pictures for her hair appointment, so I have to take them to the Bed & Breakfast for her mom to pick up by noon. I guess I’ll go get the food, and film, and everything else while I’m out.

12:03 pm
I'm at the Bed & Breakfast, just set up the camcorder for tonight, and the cake decorator just called, so I'm waiting for her.

12:33 pm
The cake made it. I think it looks okay, but I also think she'll be a little disappointed with it. I hope she doesn't let it upset her.
Time to go pick up the food.

1:52 pm
I think my pre-ceremony running around is done. I picked up the food at Sam’s Club, plus a dozen roses for bride and several rolls of film for our trip. I called her mom to have her meet me outside the meadows to deliver the roses while she gets her hair done. I raced home, made a little card to put with the roses that said:

Today you make my life complete.
Today all my dreams come true.

I trimmed the roses, put them in a vase, stuck the card in, and rushed off to meet her mom.
After handing off the roses, I took the food to the bed & breakfast, paid them for the place, and wrote another note that said:

It’s almost time. I can’t wait!

They put it in her changing room on her dress so she’ll find it when she gets there to get ready for the wedding.

2:58 pm
She just called to tell me she was on her way to the Bed & Breakfast. She asked me if the cake looked good, and I said, “Yeah, I think it looks pretty good.” Of course, she knows me well enough by now to know exactly what she said back, “Okay, that doesn’t sound good.” I told her it could look a little better, but it looked pretty good. Of course, I’m sure when she sees it she’ll be disappointed. I wish there was something I could do to make everything go perfectly for her. God knows I’ve tried.

3:05 pm
I feel terrible about the cake. I know that when I saw it, I was a little disappointed. I know that if I was a little disappointed, she'll probably be very disappointed. I just hope she’s able to keep everything in perspective and realizes what really matters today.
I just shaved, but I feel like I can’t take my shower yet, because I kind of expect her to call me after she sees the cake. I won’t be a bit surprised if she calls, and she’s in tears, and she says she doesn’t even want to get married now, because her cake has been ruined, too. I have to be ready to do the best I can to calm and soothe her because, of course, we will be getting married today. I just wish she wouldn’t even look at the cake until time to cut it.
She’s on her way over there now, so she will be seeing it soon, if she hasn’t seen it already. I may call her in a couple of minutes before she has a chance to call me.

3:18 pm
She called. She was crying. She was very upset. She says the cake looks terrible, and she doesn’t even want it there. She wants me to try to find another cake, or maybe even not have a cake at all. She said that nothing is the way she wants it to be, and ended up saying she doesn’t want this at all. She hung up with her mom in the background trying to calm her down.

November 28, 2002

9:12 pm

We returned home last night from our honeymoon in Gatlinburg. It was quite nice. her parents sent us as a wedding gift.
The wedding, after all, turned out beautiful. She was the most gorgeous bride! She got over her fit over the wedding cake and everything went well. Our wedding/honeymoon video tells the rest of the story.
We've both been so happy this past week. So far, life is good.


"If you haven't got all the things you want, be grateful for the things you don't have that you don't want." -- Unknown

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