Monday, March 31, 2008

Remember the Time Line

Dear Reader,

This whole story about Reverend Wright further demonstrates the fraud that is Barack Obama. Let's work the timeline on this:

Barack claims that he would have left the church in 2007 if Wright had not stepped down as an "active" pastor. (Note that he is still "senior" pastor and all sermons in the churrch bulletin are still copyright to Wright)

Of course in 2006, Barack gave his largest donation to the church ever, $22,500. That's 22,500 demonstrations of his support for the message and work of Rev. Wright when Barack would have us believe that he was struggling with Wright's words and leadership.

Of course, recall that when the Wright story broke Barack hadn't heard about these sermons. They didn't happen when he was there.

Let me offer another theory: we are watching a politician lie. Politicially, it is a convenient lie, because he is lying about his state of mind, something that it is very hard to disprove or corroborate.

This is the same kind of lie that Barack Obama told about his position on Israel. He used to support a radical liberal position on Israel, like the position taught by Rev. Wright. But then, in 2003 he pivots and suddenly becomes a fan of Israel. Why? When politicians change their position a year before an election, the most obvious theory is usually the correct one. They are, or were, lying.

On Israel and on Wright, Obama's stories don't work. And that is not the sort of change we can believe in.

All the best,

Erick Erickson
Editor, | One Massachusetts Ave., NW | Washington, DC 20001

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