Wednesday, January 24, 2007

John Kerry Withdraws!

From and The Boston Globe:
Sen. John Kerry has decided not to run for president in 2008, a Democratic official says.

...[A]ccording to Kerry associates, the senator's plans changed dramatically in the fallout of his election-eve ``botched joke" about the education levels of US troops. The harsh reaction to that incident -- from many Democrats as well as Republicans -- displayed to Kerry the extreme skepticism within his own party about whether he should mount another run. ...

...[W]ith polls giving front-runner status to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, Kerry realized that he would face formidable adversaries in the quest for the Democratic nomination. ...
That's the best news I've heard in quite some time. Not that he actually stood a chance of winning, but it's nice to see that he is no longer a concern at all. I wonder who he will throw his support behind now.


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