Wednesday, January 3, 2007

On Second Thought....

On second thought, if it was a government official that shot the execution video, maybe there should be a penalty. He did, after all, violate a trust placed in the position that he holds.

(January 3, 2007)--The Iraqi government has reportedly made an arrest in connection with the unauthorized cell-phone video of Saddam Hussein's execution.

An adviser to Iraq's prime minister says the person believed to have shot that video is under arrest.

He describes the man as "an official who supervised the execution."

Iraqi state TV Wednesday aired an official video of Saddam's hanging, with no audio and no images of Saddam's actual death.

The inflammatory cell-phone video with taunts from witnesses appeared on Arab TV and the Internet.

It touched off worldwide protests and demonstrations by Iraq's minority Sunnis.

An Iraqi prosecutor who was also at the execution has denied another report implicating Iraq's national security adviser in the leaked video.


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