Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2007 State of the Union

Some notes of highlights from the President's State of the Union Address for 2007.

+ With Nancy Pelosi acting as the first female host of a State of the Union Address in American history, it has been reported that former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has signed on to the Presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

+ The President waits on the podium as the entire Congress, from both sides of the aisle, applaud. This may be the only time during the address that he has bi-partisan support.

+ The President opens with a reminder that "Congress has changed, but not our responsibilities."

+ 41 months of continuous job growth.

+ We must balance the federal budget, and can do so without raising taxes with spending discipline.

+ The deficit has been cut in half three years ahead of schedule.

+ He will submit a budget that eliminates the deficit within five years.

+ Over 13,000 earmarks in 2005. "The time has come to end this practice." Cut it in half by the end of this session.

+ "Must take on the challenge of entitlements." "Fix Medicare and Medicaid and save Social Security." Give families "the right to choose someplace better" to send their children to school.

+ Ask Congress to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind Act.

+ "Government has an obligation to care for the elderly, the disabled, and poor children." A standard tax deduction for health insurance.

+ Help the states that are coming up with innovative ways to help the uninsured.

+ Expand health savings accounts. Help small businesses with association health plans. Encourage price transparency and pass medical liability reform to protect doctors from junk lawsuits.

+ Remember that "the best health decisions are not made by governments and insurance companies".

+ Establish a legal and orderly path for foreign workers to enter our country on temporary work permits. Enforce immigration laws at the work site.

+ "Resolve the status of the illegal immigrants already in our country ... without amnesty."

+ Dependence on foreign oil requires technology to diversify America's energy supply.

+ Continue investing in new methods to produce ethanol.

+ "Reduce gasoline usage in the United States by 20% in the next ten years."

+ "Reform and modernize fuel economy standards for new cars and trucks."

+ "Step up domestic fuel production."

+ Ask congress to double the strategic oil reserve.

+ Give judicial nominees a fair hearing and a prompt up or down vote on the Senate floor.

+ "To win the war on terror we must take the fight to the enemy."

+ "We cannot know the extent of the attacks that we ... have prevented."

+ "It remains the policy of this government ... to find these enemies and protect the American people."

+ "We advance our own interest by helping moderates and reformers."

+ "It would not be like us to leave our promises unkept, our friends abandoned, and our own security at risk."

+ Sending an additional 4,000 Marines to Anbar province with orders to find the terrorists and drive them out.

+ On the vote to authorize the war: "We went into this largely united.... And whatever you voted for, you did not vote for failure.... I ask you to support our troops in the field and those on the way."

+ Ask the Congress to authorize an increase in the size of our military by 92,000 in the next five years.

+ Design and establish a Civilian Reserve Corps.

+ "The world will not allow the regime in Tehran to acquire nuclear weapons."

+ "Our work in the world is ... based on the timeless truth of to whom much is given, much is required."

+ "There is something wonderful about a country that produces a brave and humble man like Wesley Autry."

+ "The state of our union is strong. Our cause in the world is right. And tonight that cause goes on."


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