Saturday, January 27, 2007

Proof of Coverage

I got a notice in the mail today from the BMV. It's been six months since I wrecked my 2000 Ford Focus, and they have apparently decided after all this time that they need to see proof that I had insurance at the time of the accident. In Indiana, your insurance card isn't enough if you actually have an accident. They sent me a form that I have to get filled out by my insurance company confirming that I was insured.

What amazes me is that it takes them six months to get around to verifying proof of insurance. That's six extra months of having a potentially uninsured driver on the streets. And for someone like me, who drives 20,000 miles in six months, that can be quite a risk if I wasn't insured!

Luckily the letter came this week (even though it gives me until March 6 to respond), because after a rate increase, we'll be switching insurance companies on February 2.


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