Monday, January 15, 2007

Rainy Winter

It's starting to appear that winter is never going to come to central Indiana. Mid-January has arrived, and we have yet to see our first snowflake accumulate. In fact, I can vaguely remember one very brief episode of flurries several months ago that melted before hitting the ground. Besides that, we've had nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing. It seems like it might never stop raining. I don't remember seeing so much rain since I was stationed in Texas in the Army. One year there it was so rainy that you couldn't take three steps without committing mass cricket murder.

No crickets in Indiana so far. Probably because even though we've had no snow, and the temperatures have been unseasonably high, it's still too cold for crickets. But we've sure had our share of the rain!

I pass cornfields (some would argue that Indiana is nothing more than a race track in the middle of a giant cornfield) every day commuting for work that look more like ponds and lakes than farmland. I saw a river yesterday that had overflowed its banks so much as to become more pond-like than river-like. Come to think of it, maybe it was actually only a creek to begin with. It's hard telling anymore.

Indiana hasn't been the only part of the country blessed (cursed?) with unwinter-like weather this season. I've heard rumours of snowfall in Colorado and Chicago, but not much else. I can just imagine Al Gore leaning back in his La-Z-Boy, popping open a cold one and thinking, "Yep, I tried to tell them."

I'm surprised we haven't heard more from the doomsayers about global warming these past few months. Maybe they realize that it was also unseasonably cool in many parts of the country last August. You can't quite blame that on global warming, can you?

Maybe things will dry up soon. After some rain today, and "a passing flurry" tomorrow, the forecast calls for cold sunny days the rest of this week. I don't usually care much for the snow, but it would sure be nice to see it at least once before spring comes. This unseasonable weather has wreacked havoc with business in my sector of the Retail industry!


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