Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tony Blair Announces Resignation

British Prime Minister -- and stuanch Bush administration ally -- has announced his resignation effective June 27, 2007.

What will this mean for American intersts abroad, and in the war on terrorism? Tony Blair has clearly been the strongest ally President Bush has had throughout his administration, even standing with the U.S. at times against the general wishes of Brits in general.

With Angela Merkel in Germany, and the newly elected French President both being pro-America and in favor of repairing ties with the U.S., will the friendship of the British PM become less critical than it has been for years? Will the Brits even choose a new PM that is so pro-American?

And with our own Presidential election to take place in November 2008, how much will the world stage change with so many political changes in the world in such a short time?

It is more important now than ever that you stay focused and aware of what takes place on the world stage and in American politics. We must not put the wrong person in the White House in 2008. Our very future could depend on the outcome of these crucial events.


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