Thursday, May 10, 2007

In The Breakdown Lane

Things just never seem to happen at a convenient time. It's the story of my life.

Last night, while driving home from work, I noticed something funny with the way the car was driving. Every time I applied the brakes, it acted like one of the rear breaks was either grabbing to hard or too little, and the back end of the car seemed to pull a little for a moment. I decided to have someone look at it later today.

About five minutes from home, as I pulled to a stop light, I heard a loud clunk sound. Then I couldn't move. Every forward drive gear was completely unresponsive. I pushed the car out of the street, then discovered that I still had reverse. Not that it does me much good -- I can't go around town backwards everywhere I go.

It seems that what I thought was the brakes must have actually been the transmission slipping, or some other related problem. I don't know yet -- I hope to have someone look at it soon. As for now, I'm stuck driving my wife's gas-guzzling SUV to work, and she's stuck stranded at home. I hope to make the situation as temporary as possible!


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